nothingtoregret: (Kirill)
Rating: 18
Word Count: 960
Summary: Kirill and Niko spend the morning pleasantly occupied—even despite distractions.

"How’s that?" Niko’s breath burned against Kirill’s shoulder. )
nothingtoregret: (Milos)
Rating: 18
Word Count: 100
Summary: Sneaking pleasures where they can.
Notes: Set in the future: Milos is 30 and the king's courtesan-assassin; Alex is 35 and a rebel knight.

Alex was rough and pinned him down, pounding into him as his lips left burning trails over his shoulder and neck. )
nothingtoregret: (Milos)
Rating: 18
Word Count: 2,388
Summary: Alex is still frustrated and desperate, and Milos is his only available outlet. Shame Alex hasn't ever done this before...

The inn was busier when they arrived than when they’d left. )


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