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All stories are in chronological order but not necessarily in a completed order.


The alfa Simon meets a demented pink-haired idiot (who'd argue his name was actually Ioann, but Simon's not convinced) one dark, geographically-embarrassed night and bit by bit becomes involved in a whole world he didn't know existed - and would rather remain ignorant of.
  1. Stranded
  2. The Sniffles
  3. Drinking
  4. Chores
  5. Holiday / You Wouldn't Understand
  6. A Gift / What Did I Ever Do To You?!
  7. Mail / Kiss And Make It Better
  8. Did I Do That?
  9. Games
  10. (un)Friendly Competition
  11. Phobias
Radial: Unravel

Dokkalfa Milos had the rug pulled out from under his feet several times in his life.  Even when he thought he’d found somewhere to call home it's never that simple and a routine delivery for his employer/mentor proved to him just how quickly things can fall apart.  Now, modified into a living, breathing weapon, he’s got to adapt to yet another change in circumstances and needs to learn to navigate a world where everything he thought was true is a lie and where the words 'I hate you' could mean anything but.

Alex had one of the best educations in the country, a reward for surviving childhood as a government science facility guinea-pig.  Turned into an agent trained to monitor people like him, he’s seen off several partners already—most to the Research department.   Now, for the first time, his partner has come from there and, to add insult to injury, he’s an elf with a colourful past.  Life couldn’t get much worse... until he uses Milos’s past against him for his own benefit and sends their working relationship down a whole new path.

Neither man knows how to get on with others but maybe, in each other, they’ve finally found someone to relate to.  And they’re going to need each other, because it’s a difficult world out there and between them they’ve made enough enemies to last a lifetime...

The Academy (Alex)

  1. Allocution / Observation
  2. Gorgonize
  3. En Règle / The Upper Hand
  4. Kibitzer / Annoyance / A Hint
  5. Brabble
  6. Antipathetic / Monitor / For Your Own Good
  7. Intemerate / Shock
  8. Word-Hoard / Confidence / A Promise
  9. Plotz / Fear
  10. Wellaway / Despair
  11. Jackanapes / The First Time
  12. Atavistic
  13. Boustrophedon
  14. Counterfactual
Milos's Teenagerhood
  1. Domination / Camera
  2. Double Take / Admiration
First Arc
  1. Spring Showers / A Dare
  2. Robins / My Mentor / What's The Catch?
  3. Basket / Changing Seasons
  4. Dye / Cross My Heart
  5. Eggs / Trouble Sleeping
  6. Best Dress / A Walk In The Woods / Talking To Myself
  7. Bonnet / Been There, Done That / Wouldn't You Like To Know?
  8. Jellybeans / I Smell A Rat
Present Day Part 1
  1. Pity / Don't You Cry For Me
  2. Say Cheese
  3. Axial / Denial
  4. Bathetic / Exhaustion
  5. Aliquant
  6. Pseudology
  7. I've Got Your Back
  8. Lodestar / A Fresh Start
  9. Cantrip / Remote Control / Guilt
  10. A Secret
  11. Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? Probably not...
  12. Negotiation
  13. Seatbelt / Euphoria
  14. Ectopic
  15. Hypethral / Around The Campfire
  16. Hesitation / On Edge
  17. Cellphone / Lust
  18. Aspirin / Suspicion
  19. Zipper / A Helping Hand
  20. Urgency / Sneakers
Second Arc
  1. 1. Over The Carnage Rose Prophetic A Voice
  2. 2. The Secret Wound Still Lives Within The Breast
Present Day Part 2
  1. Compotation / Make A Wish / Bar
  2. The Scenic Route / Playfulness
  3. Anguish
  4. Plastic Bag / Brainwashing
  5. Light Bulb / Better Luck Next Time
  6. An Inconvenience / Keeping Warm
  7. Eurythmic / Foolishness
  8. Algid / Building
  9. Hypnopompic
  10. Alley / Distraction
  11. Kitchen
  12. Out Of My Hands / Ticket
  13. Nuque / A Cunning Plan / Amusement
  14. Doubt / Headphones
  15. Disdain / Rehearsal
  16. Affection / Better Off
  17. A Miracle / A Procession
  18. Enthusiasm / Spring Cleaning
  19. Complaints
  20. Ghosts
  21. One Step Closer / Trash Can
  22. Mistletoe
  23. Cat's Paw
  24. Brusque
  25. Desiderium
  26. Philology

Unravel Alternate Universe

Age 21
  1. The Last Time / Temptation
  2. Cooling Off / What's Gotten Into You?
  3. A Misunderstanding / Betrayal
  4. Uncomfortable Silence / In Bad Taste
  5. A Wager / Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  6. Falling Apart / Well, Why Didn't You Say So?
  7. Routines / Bad Omen / No Questions Asked
  8. Lurking / Why So Serious?
  9. On The Road / And Where Do You Think You're Going?
  10. Salute / That's A Good Question
  11. Unfamiliar Customs / This Can Only Mean One Thing
  12. The Latest Trend / Whose Side Are You On?
  13. Inn / What Part Of "No" Don't You Understand?
  14. Dinner Party / Have You Heard The News?
  15. What's Not To Love? / Don't Let Them Get Away
  16. Aren't You Glad You Asked? / Interrogation
  17. Alibi / The World May Never Know
  18. I Won't Take No For An Answer / Where It All Happened / Chain Reaction
  19. Your Secret Is Safe With Me / Choosing Sides
  20. Does This Remind You Of Anything?
  21. Tell Me Something I Don't Know / Handshake
  22. How Much More Can You Take / Sacrifice / Out In The Cold
Age 30
  1. A Meeting Place / Complacence


Arkadiy Olenov is many things - habitual flirt, occasional alcoholic, partial cyborg - but one thing he isn't is forgiving, and he'll go to the ends of the universe to get revenge, even if it means dragging his doctor (mechanic, friend) Vanya along with him.  Paradigm is a shuttle thief with an uncanny resemblance to Arkadiy's most hated 'friend' who gets kidnapped by the shuttle he stole, thanks to the errant AI Maxim; Kse, dispatched to retrieve the thief, discovers the boundaries between right and wrong aren't quite as clear-cut as she thinks.
  1. Take That!
  2. Milk, Two Sugars
  3. Dying, Not Dead
  4. You've Outdone Yourself / Why Can't You Be Like...?
  5. Expected, Unwanted
  6. On Second Thought
  7. I'm A Big Boy Now
  8. When Hell Freezes Over / I'll Never Sleep Alone
  9. Anniversary / Memorial
  10. Lucifugous
  11. A Storm
  12. Now What?
  13. No Peeking / I've Got My Eye On You
  14. Cloudgazing / Aeromancy
  15. Music / Singing / Dancing
  16. Just Be Yourself / When You Least Expect It
  17. Smithereens
  18. Just What I Always Wanted
  19. It's Not What It Looks Like
  20. The Last Word
  21. Have It Your Way
  22. You'll Never Get Away With This
  23. Cachinnate
  24. You Remind Me Of Someone


Sci fi: Fel Chime is a former soldier who is trying to pretend that the past never happened, a feat he is trying to accomplish by retraining as a pilot and never leaving his office.  He's scheduled for a "what could go wrong?" patrol around a peaceful planet, but he rapidly realises that someone if says a phrase like that they should be taken out and shot...
  1. More Than You Can Chew
  2. So Nice Of You To Join Us
  3. The Best Is Yet To Come

Three Graces

David is a Talented man and this makes him wanted - by all the wrong people.  Cas is a mercenary, a job he relishes, and will take any job for the right pay.  Meena is a nomad whose own Talent lies in physical combat - and intense curiosity.  Some things can't be outrun, particularly when those you're trying to outrun have more resources than you could dream of, but maybe they can be fought.

Arc 1

  1. Ghost
  2. Witchcraft
  3. Potion
  4. Bump in the Night
  5. Skeleton
  6. Face Paint
  7. Special Effects
  8. A Body
  9. Cobwebs
  10. Torture
  11. In The Shadows
  12. Fearsome Creatures
  13. Full Moon
  14. Costumes
  15. Trick or Treat
Arc 2
  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Brown
  8. Simple Pleasures
  9. Because I Said So
  1. Mother Used To Say

Ground Zero

Sci fi: Zero is a hitman with a past.  And he'd really rather it remain there.
  1. Inhospitable Lodgings
  2. I've Still Got A Few More Tricks Up My Sleeve

Heavy Metal Generation

Sci fi: A ragtag bunch of soldiers from different sectors are grouped together into one regiment.  But just because you have to work with one another doesn't mean you have to like it.
  1. See How They Run / Don't Look Down
  2. Ruction
  3. My Favourite Fetish


Steampunk: Ghost is a mechanic and Sable is a nobleman and in an ideal world - at least, Ghost's ideal world - they'd never meet.  But Sable's heard about Ghost's prodigious talents and wants to enlist her help to find a potentially mythical artifact.  She can think of better things to do, most of which involve being nowhere near the condescending idiot, but Sable is determined to drag her into it - any way he can.
  1. Shopping
  2. Gossip / A Rumour
  3. Tantivy
  4. It's A Guy Thing / Fancy Seeing You Here


AC I/II - Sixteen - Rumours
AC I/II - Sixteen/Lucy - Checkmate
AC I/II - Sixteen/Lucy - The Blood Is More Showy Than The Breath But Cannot Dance As Well


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