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Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Summary: Light drizzle has a different effect on each man.

Light drizzle pattered over Milos’s skin. To his right, Alex grimaced. “Fuck, that’s all we need.”

After the oppressive heat, he couldn’t really complain. “It’s not so bad.” Understatement of the year, in fact—it was a blessed relief—but Alex’s snort indicated he felt otherwise. “You just don’t like it because it’s wet.”

Alex snorted again, this time lacking conviction. “It’s only dew falling, not rain.”

Milos shrugged. The grass was comfortable despite the damp spreading through his jeans. “Still nice.”

Alex smirked. “Soak all you want. I’ve got an umbrella.”

With that attitude, it’d be a long night...


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