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Rating: 15
Word Count: 100
Summary: Milos is suffering in a fight against a Beldame and Alex is less than supportive–but Milos has his own method of revenge.

The wall felt no better the third time Milos crashed into it than it had the first. “Ah, fuck...”

Alex’s impeccably clad legs blocked his blurring view. “Get up.”

“Don’t want to,” he mumbled, his claws shifting to fingers. Too much effort to maintain their shape.

Something whizzed through Alex’s head, clanged off the wall above and thumped into Milos’s sore ribs. “Get up.”

“You could’ve stopped that,” Milos groaned. “A little sympathy wouldn’t kill you.”

“No, but this Beldame might. Get up.”

The brusque repetition finally drove him staggering upright. “You are not getting laid tonight.”
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