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Rating: PG
Word Count: 453
Summary: Alex made Milos try a supernatural game and now the dokkalfa can't sleep; Alex has a remedy but he better hope it works.
Notes: Inspired by a prompt on the imagineyourotp Tumblr page.

"I don’t like it..."

"What the hell are you so scared of?" Alex stared with naked incredulity at the dokkalfa. ”You think this house is haunted? It was built in, what? The 60s? 70s?”

"I don’t care when it was built,” he growled, giving Alex his best death-glare… which did absolutely nothing. ”Why do you think the dead don’t pass through places?”

"I don’t know," Alex drawled, giving Milos a true death glare that would have made him nervous if he hadn’t seen so many of them over the last two years. "Maybe because ghosts don’t exist?"

"Says the man who walks through walls," Milos muttered, flexing his hands against his thighs. Even when Alex slapped the back of one hand he didn’t stop shifting them: claws, fingers, claws, fingers. "How do you know ghosts don’t exist?”

"Because I’d have seen one by now if they did. Christ!" Alex slammed the laptop closed and cast a withering look in Milos’s direction. "You are a coward. Come on, we need to sleep.”

"No!" He couldn’t keep the panicked tone from his voice, even when Alex raised an eyebrow. "Not now, not— I can’t—"

"...You’re scared?”

"Yes!" He snapped back. "Yes, I am. You made me try that stupid game, who knows what’ll happen now?!” He flexed again, raising his once-fingers to watch the sodium glow from the window reflect dully from the polymetal curves. ”These won’t help either, you can’t cut ghosts…”

"You’re twenty-two," Alex said slowly, giving Milos a look that spoke volumes about his disbelief, "and you’re scared of ghosts. I can’t believe I’m hearing this.”

"I can’t believe you got to twenty-seven and are still scared of water, but I don’t keep going on about it." He flinched involuntarily, but no slap across the side of the head came his way. Slowly he opened first one eye, then the other, to see Alex giving him an odd, unreadable look. Those always meant trouble. ”If you don’t like it, you know where the door is.”

Without a word Alex leaned across and, disregarding the way Milos cringed again, flipped the laptop lid back open. ”Have you ever seen Being Human?”

"No-o..." Milos said uncertainly, not quite daring to look at the human. "We only watched what Robin wanted to watch. What’s it about?"

Fiddling with the keyboard until darkness filled the screen, Alex didn’t immediately respond. Instead he waited until an image loaded and he immediately set it to full-screen. ”Just watch this, and stop worrying about ghosts.”

It wasn’t something that filled him with confidence, but he supposed he should try believing in him just this once...

Anyway, if he was deliberately trying to scare him, he could always stab him.


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