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Rating: 15
Word Count: 388
Summary: Alex was a little too thorough with Milos the night before...
Notes: Inspired by a prompt on the imagineyourotp Tumblr page.

"This isn’t funny, damnit!" Milos glared up at Alex, gripping the quilt in an effort to stop himself from gripping the arrogant bastard’s neck instead.

"It looks it from where I’m standing." Alex treated him to his best insufferable smirk. "I thought you were used to this?"

"Jesus Christ!" He snapped, twisting to grab for a pillow, only to freeze and wince at the shift in his weight instead. This was ridiculous. “If you ever mention—"

Alex’s laughter filled the tiny apartment. "Touchy touchy. I meant, if you ever paid attention, that it’s been almost a year since we started having sex, and you’re still complaining?"

He was already halfway there; a little more and the creased fabric of the pillow was within his grasp—and rapidly left it again in a direct trajectory for Alex’s head. "Yes I fucking am!"

It was batted easily away, just as expected. It did nothing to remove the smug amusement from his face. "I’ll tell Marrok you need to recover and you’ll be in later—"

"—You’ll do no such thing—"

"—I’m sure he’d love to know why you can’t get out of bed. He seems to think I go easy on you, this is bound to change his mind."

He couldn’t stop his voice rising into a shout. "If you tell him, I’ll—"

"You’ll… what?" Alex leaned against the wall, arms folded. If anything, his grin grew even wider. "You’ll come over here and hit me?"

Milos lunged for him, making it an admirable halfway across the bed before another twinge dropped him to his hands and knees. "Give me a minute…"

He barely had time to look up as a shadow fell across him, only had a second to register Alex’s hands gripping his shoulders and tipping him over onto his back, the quilt slapping against his skin. "Give me a minute, it’ll be more fun."

Milos stared up, unable to prevent the smile tugging at the corner of his lips. "I thought you didn’t want to be late."

"Fuck Marrok." Alex paused, then sighed. "Not literally, I can’t think of anything worse. You know what I mean."

"I always know what you mean, you’ve got a one-track mind."

"Shhh." He leaned down, shutting up the dokkalfa with a kiss. "Maybe we can get away with being late just once."
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